"Frequently" Asked Questions

Who are you?

Just a full-stack webdev wannabe.

Is this project full-stack?

No. Just pure front-end.

Based on the theme, so you like Japan?

Is that a trick question? I don't like Japan, though that doesn't mean that I hate it. Your typical tsundere line.

So you're a weeb?


You know Japanese?

いいえ。 No, but I know just a little tiny incy weenie bit. I'm grinding my 漢字 and 日本語 decks on my AnkiDroid 30-45 minutes daily.

Are you sure you ain't a weeb?


What are your hobbies?

Playing computer games, watching some YouTube videos, browsing 9Gag, doing some coding, reading some computer-tech reviews and forums, reading light novels and web novels, and studying programming languages and Japanese. And no, I don't watch anime and I don't read manga.